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Born to the North, raised exclusively in the sweet south. Yes, I will “bless your heart” & that Ga twang is not an accent, that’s just how we talk round here. Mother of two sun kissed, curly haired cuties & spoiled golden doodle, Fiancé . Nurse is my title, pediatrics my specialty. Adopted at infancy, Bible Belt raised.

Growing up about as wild as the woods I roamed with no curfew, no shoes , no problem. My wild head of curls, like my soul, untamable my mother would say. No game system raised me, my playground a pine tree Forrest. Still yet, I was and still remain the first in my family to hunt.

January 2019 marks two years for me, though it feels like a life time. What began as simple narratives of my days as I began learning to hunt, turned into this..me sharing the other side of this lifestyle. The emotion & the passion found in hunting. From the perspective of a beginner, in transparency, the good, the bad, the ugly! I wanted to show others, you don’t have to be an expert or a professional to take on learning something new!

My blog is my diary & resource to other everyday people 6 states, 2 counties and 5 species later ,here I am! This time last year I was taking on my first week of deer season, public land, bow season, out of state. So much has changed for me in more ways than I could explain. Each of us have our own degree to which we dedicate our lives to hunting. Respect each, support to allThough my blog is focused on supporting the women’s community, I appreciate all you guys who have been such a positive source of encouragement reading my stories and relating to the struggles & the joys. Reclusive by nature, social media hard at times for me. 

Welcome! I’m happy you found me and I hope you enjoy my on humble hunt. I am Not in any way a professional, just dedicated.

The Why

Her Humble Hunt

 As a fairly new hunter, I found there were extensive amounts of information needed to even get a foot in the woods to hunt. In our hunter safety courses, we have been educated that it is the responsibility of each ethical hunter to extend knowledge to those seeking to learn. So much can be said about how as a community of hunters in my personal life credits my success today and will continue to in the future. For me, hunting is humbling to my soul as I am not in control of how each hunt will end. This concept easily reminds me that as humans, mother nature still rules and to always respect as well as protect her gifts. In my home, we eat what we kill and we kill with remorse and appreciation to the animal. As an individual, my love for the hunt comes from the dedication to the process, preparation, investing in the education to succeed and the satisfaction in knowing I worked to harvest the meat for my family. My overall enjoyment of sharing my hunting experiences has found resources from others and sharing my personal growth, success, and failures. Her Humble Hunt blog is a place to connect, share, learn and above all encourage other women who hunt. From the experienced hunter to the new, we are a community of like minds and hearts. Here you can find a welcoming place to seek what you need in your own journey into the woods,

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