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The more I chat with people in person and online, I find it funny but a compliment regarding a misconception regarding my life.



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I do feminine things…like get my hair cut once a year, painting my finger nails on fancy occasions , the important things. Insert comical undertones.

Being raised with a sibling age gap like mine made me have a false atmosphere of an only child. I make no complaints ! I feel my ability to be content in my own company means my friendships may be different in nature than others. Which may complicate things with my passion to hunt and the time it consumes. A friendship for me is one that brings some form of mutual value to a life. Friends are the people who support your passions no matter the area or subject and view each other as equals.

I don’t have anyone who hunts back home that’s a woman.

None hunters have no desire to spend the amount of time I do in the woods. It was brought to my attention , comical in nature, that I appeared to not have any girlfriends and did anything else but hunt I’ll take that last part as a compliment! The reality is that not all women are created equally. At times it’s tough to maintain friendships when you don’t share common interest. Especially if your interest keeps you on the road, in the woods or online newly every moment you aren’t working. Do I feel like I am missing out with my life so saturated in hunting year round? Not at all. Do I feel the need to form superficial friendships to keep up appearances? Clearly not!

The bases of these entries are all central to one concept.

The concept of new hunter development and resources. The internet can be a beautiful way to share your passion. However it can also be a misguiding place where images and the race for popularity can be very easy to fall victim to. It can be difficult at times to make decisions with clarity. Each of us have a place in this community and it’s important to establish what means the most to you in your life. Each person has a goal set of what they think will make them happy. Yours may be different than mine and that’s completely fine! As long as you know you’re actions are for your happiness.

I have some of the best people in my life who support and believe in me.

They don’t are to hunt for the most part, but it’s not stopped them from being apart of my life. From going to out of town expos to checking trail cameras with me, there’s a happy place we can all find . I hope to establish more true and sincere friendships with other women like myself closer to home along the way. However I don’t feel the need to force anything. I have amazing ladies spread across the country that I’m thankful to know. I have communities like Reel Camo Girl that are central to my interest as well.

I’m not a loner just to be clear, not at all!

I can be slightly shy at times meeting women who I admire. No shame in being the fan of great women with amazing accomplishments! I’m always welcoming to meeting people! Remember, if you ever see me down the road in person, be sure and introduce yourself! I’m just as guilty as the next of not recognizing faces of the same people I may have been speaking with for many months! Above all remember to be content in your own life. Let others are an additive a bonus not a necessity to making you feel confident in your own abilities and accomplishments. Being known for how you live is far more long lasting and valuable than being known for how you appear. Every woman is beautiful but not every woman has the same story as you. If you let your life do the talking , everything else will be just fine.

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