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Being A Friend To A Hunter

    The more I chat with people in person and online, I find it funny but a compliment regarding a misconception regarding my life.     I do participate in feminine things , those routine activities. These activities are basic however,  like getting my hair cut once a...

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ATA 2019 – Recap and Initial Report

 If you are new to the world of hunting and all things it entails, then you may not know what the ATA Show is designed for So that is where I will start this post. The ATA (Archery Trade Association) host an annual show that is unlike other shows for one main reason....

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The Buck Stops Here- Solo Hunt Success

Watch the video taken just after shooting my last Georgia buck. With many things in life, we find great accomplishments as we learn and grow one step at a time. For me as a hunter, first came a successful kill, next level would be a...

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Venison Blade Roast

Let’s go back to the start! For me growing up in the South , deer hunting has never been unfamiliar in my community. However, the lasting memory of a church pot luck dinner nearly ended my wish to eat deer meat before I even got started. I am happy to say that I have...

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