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Bowhunting – Best Advice From A Begginer8 min read

by | Feb 28, 2019

Bowhunting was once a word I’d have never spoken regarding myself. Looking back to  my first few month hunting, I’d have called you crazy if you said I would be bowhunting . However, this gun girl shot a bow by chance one day at a friends house, the next day I purchased my own. Am I the most qualified individual to teach others in the ways of archery? Of course not! However I’d like to share my views as a beginner to other new bowhunters. I have enjoy many conversations in private regarding everything from which bow, form development, how to tips and more. With this in mind, I wanted to take a moment and recap on a few specific  points regarding bowhunting as a begginer!

1) Choosing A Bow

I’m not about to tell you to run out and buy a top of the line bow. More often than not, one mistake is made over and over by individuals buying their first bow. You get online, find a great deal on a bow that looks cool but is gently used. You get it home and find out that this bow is not made to be adjustable to the weight and lbs capable of being shot at first. It’s a simple mistake, but be sure you know what you’re buying. Don’t be afraid to ask questions! Question like , the bows ability to decrease in pounds and draw length. Does it require extra parts to be adjusted to fit you. When I started, I shot a “grow with you bow”. This bow was adjustable from approximately  15-70lbs, 24-32” . This gave me plenty of room to find out where my comfort zone was . 

You are the only one who can determine which bow is best for you. This is done by shooting a bow! Don’t be scared! Go to the bow shops, tell them you’re new and they will be happy to help . Find your local dealer, you may have to travel! However I promise it will be worth it! What bow I may like to shoot may not be right for you. I have my own release style, the places I hunt may vary to yours. Along with what type of hunting I do, everybody is different! All of this plays a role in my bow choice! Do your homework, ask questions, but above all, shoot, shoot, shoot! I can’t put you on a specific model but I can offer my personal brand preference!


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2) Foucus on you

Don’t be that person, the one who only thinks about draw weight. I started at 30lbs, progressed only when I could keep my group consistent. If you can only shoot the legal hunting lbs, then do just that! This is not a competition between you and others, it’s between you and yourself! Don’t let irrelevant people, cause you to not progress. Work on your own progress and go at your own speed.

3) Don’t be afraid to ask questions


There is no dumb question in archery, ask if you don’t know! I found many videos online that also were golden to learning. Ask someone online, join a group! Branch out, but be honest. When honesty meets hard work, people will always be happy to help.

4) Video yourself

With my situation, I had no one local to aid. The best way I was able to make changes, and know where to work, was by videos. I also was able to send these to indivuduls who have helped me along the way, but live many many states over. Every single time, if able, you will see so much!





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