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Buying Camouflage For Hunting – Where To Start8 min read

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by | Aug 10, 2018

We all live on some kind of budget in todays time. With various reason, we can all agree, buying your camouflage can be a task! From various seasons, to terrain, there are many variations that come into play as a factor! Starting off brand new learning how to hunt, I learned a few things the hard way. One of these being the task of acquiring camouflage that was adequate but didn’t break the bank! Heres a little information I hope can help you with your shopping!

First off, where I live and mainly hunt, we have all four seasons. Remembering to take this into considerations is a huge factor! Second, you don’t have to break the bank and buy brand name off the starting line!

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Regardless of what you may see me wear in some photos, I still to this day wear clothes I purchased that are store brands, right off the clearance racks! What’s important to concentrate on starting out, is what gets the job done!

The line up is simple

  • Base Layer – comes in three forms to choose from, light, medium, and heavy weight. All base layers are not created equally!
  • Mid-Layer – This is generally the most flexible layer in this trio.This is used as an utter if needed, keep that in mind if you need to shed down! Waterproof, Wind ect, start there.
  • Outer Layer  This is where you take your stand against the element. Be mindful of how this layer handles briars also!

To be honest, I scooped up some killer deals off the clearance racks just after the deer season ended the season before I started. From Walmart to Academy, to Cabela’s I’ve bought gear everywhere . Many of which I still happily utilize today in the early season as well as layering. You on’t have to spend your inheritance on anything thats not facing the extreme cold in my opinion. Have I added more name brand pieces, yes, but it was not out of being a brand snob. Certain brands do hold up better regarding washing, and wear. Shop online, consider mens wear if the size fits, it’s good deal and great brand, you can save hundreds and no one knows it’s not women! I can purchase the same base layer set in mens for a quarter of the price right now! Don’t try to buy it all at once, get what you need and wait for price drops! Borrow if you need to until the prices fit your budget. This is not a fashion show, you don’t have to exhaust your resources to look good in the woods! Remember, take care of your clothes, you can use the same pieces for years and years if properly cared for!

Base Layer

The first place I honestly spent big money on, would be my base layers. Here in North Georgia , the weather swings a lot form morning to evening. However, later in the year, I can shed a top layer and adjust. I can’t put on more layers upon layers and still expect to have normal range of motion abilities. So instead of piling on thick , heavy, restricted pieces, start smart and buy a well constructed, temperature tested, quality set of base layers. When I say base layers I mean the set you put on after your undergarments. I can be indoors anywhere with my base layers on and I will quickly begin to sweat. To add to the higher price being worth the cost, my base layers look brand new still. They have now been worn for 8 months, I actually sleep in mine also. Not a single bit of wear shown. You can buy a less expensive brand, but you will quickly feel and see the difference! I wouldn’t dream of leaving home with out this set. I use the Under Armour COLDGEAR Infrared Scent control base layers. Prices vary from $40-$80 per piece.

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Next area I was sure to buy with quality in mind, were my gloves!

It’s tempting to buy a $15-30 pair…..again it will depend on where you live! also remember, if you plan to use your phone in the stand, you’ll want to think about the finger touch not being recogized! There are a few things to consider when buying your gloves past this. I have three pair I actively use. For reasons that pertained to me and my habits. I have a very thick pair of course, but they still have exterior grips, necessary for climbing in a stand! However these gloves come off once up my tree, exposing my secondary, is I have a more flexible range of motion with my fingers to tie knots, buckle, unbuckle, adjust my harness or other gear. After settled, I put my larger pair back on. I carry the third as a back up incase of rain or snow, so I can shed my damp pair and be fresh to go again!


This is wear I am most flexible at. I have used a $10 hoodie ad I have used a $120 jacket. Just keeping in mind you may need to shed your heavy top layer. Be sure this layer is highly flexible and I bring a second mid layer out with me also.

In conclusion, the best advice I ever received was to buy your sized loose, as tight is uncomfortable no matter how you are hunting. Don’t rush your wardrobe! Buy pieces as needed then wait for good deals! Don’t worry about being cute, worry about being warm, dry, and comfortable. A nice rain suit is always a must! Try your pieces on as best you can to mimic layering. If you go buy an outer layer while wearing a tank top, you’ll be making a return. A lot for room to layer beneth , and still have easy range of motion.

-Good Luck! Stay Humble 

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