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Call of The Wild – Deer Call Disaster5 min read

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By Bianca

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If a doe bleats in the woods and no one is around to hear it, did she really bleat?

Hunting story here or should I say hunting humor. One of many to come! There are plenty of “funny moments” I have never told across my social media accounts. For one reason, Instagram doesn’t have the space and I get lazy sometimes and don’t feel like typing that much.So I’ll be honest, until 2017 I had no idea that deer made sound or “calls”. Along with not knowing antlers were shed and had velvet on them some parts of the year. Crazy how little I knew about an animal I have seen my whole life.

Didn’t phase me a bit, I went ahead and jumped right in!

Let’s start with the doe bleat during my first whitetail hunting season. I buy this specific doe bleat  after seeing someone else had one while on an out-of-state hunting trip. The individual simply tilted it upside down one time and that’s how I figured it should be used. Simple enough and easy to use right? So a few weeks later in Alabama the whitetail hunting season begins and I start using the can, simply place your finger over the center hole and tilt,  out comes what sounds like a cow honestly. So I start thinking this isn’t so bad, I think I will buy this “estrus doe can” to use during my open season back home.

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  • https://www.facebook.com/herhumblehunt/
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I came back home to Georgia and shortly after the Alabama rut started to come in. I swiftly purchased the doe can and took it with me to deer camp. A couple of weeks passed and although I still had the doe can, I hadn’t used it much. One night while resting back at camp after a long day in the trees,  I started watching videos on buck grunts with the rut coming in. As we all know youtube is like a rabbit hole, you start on one topic and next thing you know your watching Christmas parade video from a town you never knew existed. So I somehow fell upon a video demonstrating how to use the doe bleat can some hours later after coming back from being distracted. I still shake my head today as come to find out, had I use this new “doe can” without prior instruction I would have sent out a distress call!

So thankfully after this informative video I learned that a doe bleat lasting 3 seconds or more is not the way to go if you want to bring in the boys apparently. So Lesson learned, when using a doe bleat can. While tilting can, only let it bleat for about second, pause, bleat, pause, bleat. All of which is done by tilting the can with your finger on or off the center hole. So the next time I want to try a new call…I will be watching a how to video. Just goes to show me how something simple may not be at all.

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