Morph Pro Bow Hanger -Outright Hunting Product Review

Say Hello to the Morph Pro Bow Hanger, made for the  tree stand bowhunters 

There is one product most if not all bowhunters can agree on needing, a bow hanger. Yet we all face the same problem, moving from stand to stand.  Here is why the Morph Pro Bow Hanger by Outright hunting products caught my eye at the Great American Outdoors Show 2019.

The features I loved, that stand out. 
  • Quick disconnect system
  • 30 plus combinations
  • Multiple stands ready to hunt, without having to change hangers
  • Easier to start insertion than most bow hangers
  • Strap system available for land not allowing screws.
  • High quality construction
  • Easy storage and carry

So What’s Inside?

This one product has respectfully been named an ATA Trade Show Favorite in previous years, weighting in at 3lbs. Lets break it down!

(4) Quick Connect Screws

(1) Triple Arm Hanger Head

(1) Adaptable Quiver Mount

(1) Quick Release Strap-to Mount

(1) Compact Roll Style Carry Case

(1) Base Converter link

(1) Palm Ratchet

(1) Single Arm Hanger Head

(1) Central Converter Link

(1) Universal Accessory Hook

(socket not included)
(Ratchet strap not Included)

Why is this bow hanger set beyond amazing

Being able to preinstall hangers in multiple places, thanks to the disconnect system, makes life easy! I am a HUGE fan of being bale to get my screws started far easier than my other hangers. The scan be a huge task for me and has been in the past! With use of a wrench or impact driver, you can make the work even quicker! All pieces appear sturdy and do hold various weight loads depending on how you customize.

  • Triple arm average – 15 lbs
  • Double arm average – 18 lbs
  • Single arm average – 22 lbs
  • Hook/ Claw average – 30 lbs

With multiple properties and the habit of always changing stands, the Morph Pro Bow Hanger System was made for people like me!

Cordova Outdoors -Creating the Perfect Cooler

Cordova Coolers

There are few things past a weapon and good pair of boots that are a necessity to living life outdoors.

However I think many could say that a good quality, affordable, durable cooler would be on the short list to a must have while hunting and fishing! With a family of a 4 to feed, tuition to pay and lease dues coming, I can’t afford luxury just for a name. I must have coolers that can handle my needs and fit in my budget! 

With all my criteria met, an offer was presented that I was happy to accept! It was a plesant welcome  becoming an ambassador for Cordova Outdoors.

Now before you jump to conclusions! Let me first say that much respect goes to Cordova for their dedication to being true to what they say they are. I was given the time to read and learn, digest and breakdown the very things that made me believe this company was one I had to get on board with! Keep in mind, I not only hunt and fish, but also spend many months on the mountain trails off-road running in the RZR with our off-road club! There is no part of my life that a cooler is not in tow!


hunter with a cordova cooler

Medium 50 can cooler in Photo

Let’s break it down!

At some point, the price for a cooler went to nothing short of ridiculous! Along with the price being a huge reason, there are multiple factors made me know Cordova was right for me! Here’s the things that caught my attention.

  1. Top Mount Latch – No more pulling latches down and busting knuckles!
  2. Patented Lid Lock system – Ever had a cooler lid slam on your hands? No more worrying about that!
  3. Superior Insulation & Lighter Weight – Eco Foam, Retains ice better at 5 days while also being a lighter cooler than competitors!
  4. No Slip Goat Feet – No sliding around on your boat or in your truck bed.
  5. Air tight Gasket & Grommet System keep the cooler air tight for a longer cool time! 
  6. Two Handle System – Aluminum molded handles, including a bottle opener. A superior choice to rope handles! 
  7. Raised Lip Lid – Great for caring items on the top while on the go, without them sliding off!

hunter outside eating lunch next to truck

Proudly Made In America!! NRA SPONSOR

Why Cordova Fits The Hunters Lifestyle?

In experiences, moments when preparing to go out-of-town to hunt, I always had to deal with cooler sizes. While many companies make large coolers, not all make a model large enough to fit my budget and fit a big game animal in! For me to have options beyond daily use was a huge reason I felt Cordova was right for my lifestyle! Offering extra small 20 can coolers all the way to the 120 can / 128 Quart XL Option . With other options such as soft side backpack and carry coolers, hydro jugs, and carts to haul cooler, Cordova Outdoors has something for everyone!



With only a few months a year available to hunt, I want to make the most of each one of them! This is why the Iwom Hunting System Is a must have in my closet.

Rewind to the 2017 deer season and you’ll find me in tears as I left deer camp due to the cold. I live in the North Georgia area. Here we suffer through intense humidity, so bad you could pass out just standing outside on the wrong day. On the other hand, we don’t have a ton of snow and cold. So when it gets that cold , us southern folk tend to be thrown off. I was in my deer stand in Alabama when the first snow came down, my fiance at work but not too far. Little did I know that would be my last weekend deer hunting. Soon came an unexpected winter, and it killed my hopes from there.

My mind was willing but my body not able.

With 4 degree weather, it was an hour or more that passed coming down from my tree stand. Once down, another 30 minutes or so to be able to head back to camp. All because I waited as long as I could, fighting the cold, but ultimately lost. With the Alabama season longer than most, I ended  my season nearly two months early because my body and cold gear couldn’t beat the winter.  From that time, I set my sights to being ready for next season.

Here is where IwoM came in to save the day!

I was given the opportunity to try the system and give my honest review  last year. I am happy to say 2018 deer season was one to remember for me. Logging over 67 days hunting to be exact! I killed my first solo hunting buck and sat through rain, cold, even sleet! So I want to breakdown why this system is a must have to every hunter!

Iwom hunting at deer camp


I smile looking back on being able to Seal the Deal on what my dreams are made of in 2018.

The day I killed my seasons quality buck, the cold was harsh and the rain unforgiving. My whole season was in. nut shell. As my son and I sat quietly  in our blind, he became tired. I luckily had my stadium IWOM suit with me! The ground was wet, the wind was strong but my son found comfort in the IWOM fleece …and literally fell asleep. This was insane, something you might have had to see to believe. Even in these conditions, my comfort loving son had no thoughts of the environment , no cold, no wind! With my child warm and happy, time made no difference to me. Soon after he fell asleep, I sealed the deal on a rutting buck and thus ended my buck hunting in Georgia. Had my son not been content….I may have left early and missed this buck!



Why choose IWOM?

With various products that may be similar on the market, none truly compare to IWOM and here’s why!

  • 3M Thinsulate technology ( 120g arms ,/ 150g body)
  • Windproof Polyester brushed-tricot shell
  • Silent
  • -40 degree temperature rated
  • Compatible
  • Tree Stand harness easy access 
  • No need to unzip to use arms
  • Suiteable for tree stands and ground blinds
  • Built in hand warmer, Face mask, Full coverage hood
  • multifunctional : With Feet outside of suit, or zipped inside.
  • Durability



These photos were taken after a full season of wear!  Top photo is the double hood, bottom photo is the feet section unzipped.

Final thoughts

The IWOM system can be used by ANYONE, treestand, stalk , or ground hunter. The ultimate cold weather gear, every cold weather wear piece in one!  I choose to zip the bottom half , insulting my feet, because I am vulnerable here. This season I was actually hunting barefoot in my suit! Not that I had to because this part of the system is made to wipe clean on the inside since boots are muddy usually. I never once worried about the wind or rain and IWOM proved that I was right by having me covered through it all! With two kids and entering my 12th year of college in nursing, my budget is tight!! I no longer look to buy cold weather gear ( which is costly) because I know I can slide on my Iwom suit and be warm and dry in all conditions.

With one season behind me, my IWOM suit still looks new!! Why is that so big of a deal? Because Bianca will find the one briar patch in the woods, and go right though it! I have no mercy on my gear and I’m happy to say that IWOM proved stronger than my brutal nature! When asked what’s my #1 closet piece I COULD NOT LIVE WITHOUT, I answer with IWOM.


Read about the first buck to drop in my 2018 season!

women who hunt

ATA 2019 – What Hit The Target


This year the ATA was an experience I was able to have in person. There was endless rows of products to keep my eyes busy. However I had a few specific products I felt stood out among the rest.




The Cobra Switch Release


This is a unique new product in all ways to my knowledge. This is a  thumb  and a back tension two in one release. Having recently made the move to a thumb release myself, this was a very intriguing release. It’s easy to see that the cost associated with certain equipment needs like a release, can be upwards of hundreds of dollars. The Cobra name is also new for me, no surprise here however. Just into my second year  bow hunting, I was happy to chat with the owners and learn more about this 40-year-old company as well as the specs on this two in one release. Since switching to a thumb release, my groups have never been tighter. I look to explore the use of a back tension release in the future. It’s unique feature being that one single purchase not only saves money but also offers two options to the archer. The switch has the quality and the versatility not seen often, this is what makes this a must see product for 2019!




badlands kali pack review ATA


Badlands Kali Approach Pack

It’s no secret, I am a Badlands Brand Pack Junkie. Today , currently owning 7 of their packs, the quality, features and life time no questions asked warranty are obvious reasons why Badlands is a house hold name to hunters. I find the company to have yet again made it clear why they are a top name in the pack race. Badlands stepped it up once again when they answered the call of the female hunters delivering the Kali Approach Pack. Hunting apparel lines have picked up their game by offering women clothing made for our figures. It only makes sense to see the leading brands in hunting packs do the same!

 Standing at 5’5″ tall, with a waist measuring of 31″, often the fit for a pack is difficult as they were made to fit men in all honesty. The Badlands Kali has been made with a for the curvatures of a woman body. With a new feature , the hypervent suspenion! The pack has been designed to shift the center of gravity based on women’s body in mind. This will enhance the over all balance when worn compared to other designs. The most important feature however, is the over all size created thought to the torso size of women being smaller. This is a huge game changer and  means this pack won’t be over sized  or hanging past your belt line. With the waist and shoulder straps created with  a smaller surface area in mind.

                    I see nothing but on point specs for this sure to please hunting pack! Once coming with a pink logo , no comes in red as the pack was even favored highly with men. I know ladies, we can’t have anything for ourselves can we! I had to laugh at this statement when trying on and exploring the badlands booth, which I was in for longer than I want to admit.   I could say it ways that packs are a product I am obsessive over next to my bow.  There is no such thing as a one pack fits all or do all in my mind. However there is a couple go to packs used more often than others in my closet. If you have never had a chance to strap on a badlands pack, I recommend you find a store and give them a try.

                 Also be sure you’re wearing your pack correctly. Done when the proper order of securing to your back is followed . I had the chance to talk and learn some killer information from one of badlands long time staff member. Mike showed me that I was in fact missing the mark in a couple of ways when strapping on my packs! With his instruction I put on this pack and he  gave the demonstration that was beyond impressive!! He had me turn around then put force on the pack as it would be when carrying a heavy load. Not once did I ever feel unbalanced and honestly I barely noticed this guy (Who’s fairly good-sized keeping in mind) was putting extreme pressure against my upper body. AMAZING is all I can say, that alone was worth gold. I know one thing is for sure! I was extremely impressed by how different something so small of detail made to using these top-notch packs. Look for a future post where I will speak more with a Badlands Pro on the meticulous detail and specs that make these bags hard to beat!




Scent Assassin Body Wash & Shampoo


The line of products created to shower and wash with are not a short list. However with the women’s needs in mind, Scent Assassin had a new twist to a cornerstone product in the line of scent control. Women and men have different needs in hair care products, yet not much is offered to meet both individually. This is why Scent Assassin caught my attention when you want to have a little moisture to your hair but still have that unscented option. The ingredients in this bottle include Aloe vera, Argan oil, and coconut oil! Upon twisting off the cap, you find the absence of scent, just as expected! This was huge for me a many have spoken to me and I have the same response. Not one product have I found that offered these ingredients or attempted to meet to needs of the female hunters. This was a top favorite because I feel that it is a necessity to be a woman who loves to hunt without sacrifice of normal day hair care essentials.  The great additive is these guys plan to continue refining the product to continue improving the formula for ideal hair care for their customers. Find this and other products by Scent Assassin online!




Obsession Lawless


First and foremost, Obsession Bows is my long time brand of choice. This year being my first as a field staff member for the brand. I like to be honest and transparent. This however is not to take away from the fact that for the women’s community, Obsession has made the changes to accommodate our needs! Now offering nearly every bow with the draw length options all the way down to 24.5”  making nearly every model an option to women. After my time at the show , it only took a few shots for me to know the Lawless was the bow for me in 2019! This bow packs up to 370 FPS IBO, with a 90% let off and OB TRAX cam system and Axel to Axel measuring 32.75″ +/-.25, Brace height coming in at 5.125″ +/- .125. It truly is a sheep among wolves for those seeking a speed bow! Not to mention, there is no need for a bow press as it offers high-performance draw-specific modules! What’s not to love about the lawless!



Gut Check Arrow Indicators

Though not brand new to me, Gut Check Arrow Wraps were a great product to see at the show.  These are the kind of things a technical type hunter like me looks for.   After the experience had in Kentucky during my first deer season, opening bow season. I found this product to be a much-needed addition to any bowhunters tools to kill retrieval.



These wraps work by indicating the shot placement.  Depending on a vital or gut shot, a hunter can decide how to move forward to pursue an animal that has been shot!  Science is too cool at times! The acid containing digestive tract of an animal is the way the indicator can change color. Each model is created specifically to be used on various  animal. Currently offering options in black bear, whitetail, elk, turkey and wild hog!




This is a to be continued piece from the 2019 ATA show! Be sure to subscribe to my blog to get alerts for new post publications! Next up I will dive into the products more focused on habitat management, supplement and minerals and the latest trail cameras that were a treat to see first hand.




Deer Mineral Site – Using Mineral As a Begginer

Mineral Site Establishment
July , 2018

Let’s take a moment to laugh and learn from my early mistakes.  So let’s start at the beginning, have you ever thought about “growing” or “building” whitetail deer before? If you are new to deer hunting, have never heard the term deer minerals, know the term but nothing more, or just want to see how funny my  fails along the way have been, I’m glad you’re reading this post!

First let me begin by saying, mineral sites are not meant for those desiring instant gratification. Though your site should bring in traffic fairly soon, don’t expect to see excessive growth right off! This is an investment per say, start now, see vast benefits later. Later, which means next season and so forth as far as visual improvements ! Don’t expect to see a deer average in size, bust out a 170-inch set of antlers over night! Think of on a nutrition bases. Would you expect to go to the gym for a month, suck down shakes and got from a fluffy 280 lb to a cut, massive, muscled up show quality body builder? I’ll help you answer that…no! Similar circumstances  should be understood when thinking about minerals. From a year to 5 years and so on, mineral is made for the mindset of health first, growth second. 

“Luck is what happens when preparation meets opportunity”

My first advice I was given that has proven to be the cornerstone in mineral use was simple, set up a trail came when you establish your site.  This has proven to be so beneficial in more ways than one!spartan trail cam deer mineral sites When thinking about minerals, it’s easy to only see big racked bucks and nothing more if you are possibly new to mineral use and purposes. However, with some hope and proper placement, antler-less deer will be visiting also, even as much or more than antlered deer. Established sites will benefit yearlings along with fawns as well. This site is to be seen as not only a healthy growth aid but a way to get eyes on the herd in a way potentially not achieved prior. I promise, if you are a trail came junkie of any form, you will love to see what a well established mineral site has to offer.

So lets start by choosing your mineral brand! Currently any deer seen on my mineral sites are enjoying a dose from  BUILD THA BONEWhen I began to learn about minerals, I learned to think calcium and prosperous. There is a large amount of detailed information regarding minerals and the components. Various reports on all sorts of bias to unbiased research and so on. I’m not a scientist, I’m not a life long hunter, I speak only from the knowledge obtained through my personal search and find information sessions. What I found was that antlers are roughly 20% calcium and 10% prosperous in deer. Choosing a brand that has optimal amounts of these two ingredients is key!  There are three forms of mineral to choose from each a different form, liquid, granular and block / brick. Keep in mind some of these products will require water and mixing. The current brand I use, which is a granular does not require liquid to activate. Granular is most commonly used and generally followed up by a block mineral in the same site, granular replaced during the summer months. Please remember to consider your own land when choosing what form you will use. My granular choice came only after I have tried variations and experimented variations.

After choosing your form and brand, next will be location . Location when choosing where to start a mineral site is extremely important. Learning how to quickly recognize travel routes, was one of the first things I began to learn when I started deer hunting. This shouldn’t be hard to most, but as a new hunter, I did make my mistakes related to disturbing the forest. Mistakes that in fact changed the patterns of a herd on one particular plot of land. This was my fault for not slowing down and being just a little stubborn.So to anyone new to deer hunting, be sure to seek out the needed visual aid or another hunter willing to help you gain this knowledge. Other location ideas that have shown successful include, field edges where herds frequent or bottle neck land meets, close to a water source as well. Do not make a site ON a travel route!! Like forest ninjas, we want to do our best to not disturb the environment as much as possible. Minerals last for months, with the right trail cam, ups can spend the summer out of the woods and watch your mineral sites by cellular trail cameras like the Spartan Go Camera.

Correct view with proper trail cam placement.

Incorrect view with wrong trail cam placement.

Remember to place your camera correctly. Meaning not directly on top of your site. This also a mistake I made but happily learned from. I got to see the deer were there, but not the entire site . A good mineral site matched with the right technology, means the deer will more likely move during the day. Making minimal disturbance and minimal trips in and out has proven to me why I should hunt smarter, not harder.

Last but not least on the to do list, create the site! The methods may vary by product or how you decide to use your site. For me, generally I will remove any leaves and brush from an area, and take just the top off the surface of the soil. Most often this is done with my boot but you can use a stick or garden tool. Pour it on and watch your cams, don’t be discourage as it may take a few days for the site to initially be found.

It’s a win/win no matter your reason for considering adding a mineral product to your herd management. build the bone spartan go camIf you are unable to begin a site soon, but don’t want to miss-the fun, be sure to jump over to my instagram and watch my highlights from my Spartan Go Cameras. With photos and videos delivered to my cell phone instantly 24/7, you’re sure to find something entertaining to put a smile on your face.


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