Mineral Site Establishment
July , 2018
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Let’s take a moment to laugh and learn from my early mistakes.  So let’s start at the beginning, have you ever thought about “growing” or “building” whitetail deer before? If you are new to deer hunting, have never heard the term deer minerals, know the term but nothing more, or just want to see how funny my  fails along the way have been, I’m glad you’re reading this post!

First let me begin by saying, mineral sites are not meant for those desiring instant gratification. Though your site should bring in traffic fairly soon, don’t expect to see excessive growth right off! This is an investment per say, start now, see vast benefits later. Later, which means next season and so forth as far as visual improvements ! Don’t expect to see a deer average in size, bust out a 170-inch set of antlers over night! Think of on a nutrition bases. Would you expect to go to the gym for a month, suck down shakes and got from a fluffy 280 lb to a cut, massive, muscled up show quality body builder? I’ll help you answer that…no! Similar circumstances  should be understood when thinking about minerals. From a year to 5 years and so on, mineral is made for the mindset of health first, growth second. 

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“Luck is what happens when preparation meets opportunity”

My first advice I was given that has proven to be the cornerstone in mineral use was simple, set up a trail came when you establish your site.  This has proven to be so beneficial in more ways than one!

spartan trail cam deer mineral sites
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 When thinking about minerals, it’s easy to only see big racked bucks and nothing more if you are possibly new to mineral use and purposes. However, with some hope and proper placement, antler-less deer will be visiting also, even as much or more than antlered deer. Established sites will benefit yearlings along with fawns as well. This site is to be seen as not only a healthy growth aid but a way to get eyes on the herd in a way potentially not achieved prior. I promise, if you are a trail came junkie of any form, you will love to see what a well established mineral site has to offer.

So lets start by choosing your mineral brand! Currently any deer seen on my mineral sites are enjoying a dose from  BUILD THA BONEWhen I began to learn about minerals, I learned to think calcium and prosperous. There is a large amount of detailed information regarding minerals and the components. Various reports on all sorts of bias to unbiased research and so on. I’m not a scientist, I’m not a life long hunter, I speak only from the knowledge obtained through my personal search and find information sessions. What I found was that antlers are roughly 20% calcium and 10% prosperous in deer. Choosing a brand that has optimal amounts of these two ingredients is key!  There are three forms of mineral to choose from each a different form, liquid, granular and block / brick. Keep in mind some of these products will require water and mixing. The current brand I use, which is a granular does not require liquid to activate. Granular is most commonly used and generally followed up by a block mineral in the same site, granular replaced during the summer months. Please remember to consider your own land when choosing what form you will use. My granular choice came only after I have tried variations and experimented variations.

After choosing your form and brand, next will be location . Location when choosing where to start a mineral site is extremely important. Learning how to quickly recognize travel routes, was one of the first things I began to learn when I started deer hunting. This shouldn’t be hard to most, but as a new hunter, I did make my mistakes related to disturbing the forest. Mistakes that in fact changed the patterns of a herd on one particular plot of land. This was my fault for not slowing down and being just a little stubborn.So to anyone new to deer hunting, be sure to seek out the needed visual aid or another hunter willing to help you gain this knowledge. Other location ideas that have shown successful include, field edges where herds frequent or bottle neck land meets, close to a water source as well. Do not make a site ON a travel route!! Like forest ninjas, we want to do our best to not disturb the environment as much as possible. Minerals last for months, with the right trail cam, ups can spend the summer out of the woods and watch your mineral sites by cellular trail cameras like the Spartan Go Camera.

Correct view with proper trail cam placement.

Incorrect view with wrong trail cam placement.

Remember to place your camera correctly. Meaning not directly on top of your site. This also a mistake I made but happily learned from. I got to see the deer were there, but not the entire site . A good mineral site matched with the right technology, means the deer will more likely move during the day. Making minimal disturbance and minimal trips in and out has proven to me why I should hunt smarter, not harder.

Last but not least on the to do list, create the site! The methods may vary by product or how you decide to use your site. For me, generally I will remove any leaves and brush from an area, and take just the top off the surface of the soil. Most often this is done with my boot but you can use a stick or garden tool. Pour it on and watch your cams, don’t be discourage as it may take a few days for the site to initially be found.

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It’s a win/win no matter your reason for considering adding a mineral product to your herd management.

build the bone spartan go cam
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If you are unable to begin a site soon, but don’t want to miss-the fun, be sure to jump over to my instagram and watch my highlights from my Spartan Go Cameras. With photos and videos delivered to my cell phone instantly 24/7, you’re sure to find something entertaining to put a smile on your face.


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