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RMEF – Elk In The East

By Bianca Share This RMEF- Eastern ELK "The mission of the Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation is to ensure the future of elk, other wildlife, their habitat and our hunting heritage.  Find facts, such as the number of acres of elk habitat...

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Georgia WIldlife Conservation Buckarma

If you plan to attend Buckarma this year, which is held in Perry Ga, consider making a bigger impact by joining the Georgia Wildlife Federation! For just $35 annual membership fee, you get entry to Buckarma as well as Fisharama/ Turkeyrama. Plus other benefits like 4...

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What To Say As A Hunter To Anti-Hunters

In one form or another, I believe every hunter has been faced with aggression from anti-hunters, vegans or whatever else they are called these days. I spoke with Don from Rocky Mountain Readiness not too long ago and I remember him asking me what my response was when...

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Deer Management- Are You Thinking of The Future?

Quality Deer managment By Bianca Burnett   There is no arguing that in North America, the big-game animal that comes to mind first is the whitetail deer. This deer not only in North America but also in parts of Central America. Whitetail deer is the most commonly...

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25 Reasons Hunting Is Conservation

25 reasons why hunting is conservation I am not a trophy hunter, not to think I am against those who are. simply put there are different types of hunters. while visiting this site do so with this simple concept in mind. while some choose a grocery store, I choose to...

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