It doesn’t take long reading various parts of this blog to realize one thing, I did not grow up hunting. Chances are you’re reading this because you didn’t either! I have been asked various times, how I began hunting, where did I start. You look online or the T.V. and you see displays of hunters, in head to toe gear, expensive weapons, and big game harvest. Chances are, from the outside looking in, all of this could be intimidating. I know at one time it was for me. I also know at one time, I was still afraid of the night, when the moon was not visible. Not too long ago, I wouldn’t have climbed 10 foot up anything, only to see myself 30-40 foot high in a tree just months ago. I could barely pick up a bow without needing to twirl it 5 times to doing the handle, and first lite was the same as sunrise to me. In my recent past a fawn was a yearling and deer never lost their antlers, more less grew them back. I could type for days on how I would advise getting started as a hunter. Fortunately like anythig else, hunting is a process, crawl before you walk, walk before you run. So here are the foundational points I would personally give anyone looking to get started as a hunter. As an International Huntress Team Member, I hope this is an example of how capable we are when we set our mind to something.