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Say Hello to the Morph Pro Bow Hanger, made for the  tree stand bowhunters 

There is one product most if not all bowhunters can agree on needing, a bow hanger. Yet we all face the same problem, moving from stand to stand.  Here is why the Morph Pro Bow Hanger by Outright hunting products caught my eye at the Great American Outdoors Show 2019.

The features I loved, that stand out. 
  • Quick disconnect system
  • 30 plus combinations
  • Multiple stands ready to hunt, without having to change hangers
  • Easier to start insertion than most bow hangers
  • Strap system available for land not allowing screws.
  • High quality construction
  • Easy storage and carry

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So What’s Inside?

This one product has respectfully been named an ATA Trade Show Favorite in previous years, weighting in at 3lbs. Lets break it down!

(4) Quick Connect Screws

(1) Triple Arm Hanger Head

(1) Adaptable Quiver Mount

(1) Quick Release Strap-to Mount

(1) Compact Roll Style Carry Case

(1) Base Converter link

(1) Palm Ratchet

(1) Single Arm Hanger Head

(1) Central Converter Link

(1) Universal Accessory Hook

(socket not included)
(Ratchet strap not Included)

Why is this bow hanger set beyond amazing

Being able to preinstall hangers in multiple places, thanks to the disconnect system, makes life easy! I am a HUGE fan of being bale to get my screws started far easier than my other hangers. The scan be a huge task for me and has been in the past! With use of a wrench or impact driver, you can make the work even quicker! All pieces appear sturdy and do hold various weight loads depending on how you customize.

  • Triple arm average – 15 lbs
  • Double arm average – 18 lbs
  • Single arm average – 22 lbs
  • Hook/ Claw average – 30 lbs

With multiple properties and the habit of always changing stands, the Morph Pro Bow Hanger System was made for people like me!

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