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You’ve harvested a nice buck. He fell 200 yards from your stand. After admiring his body size and impressive rack, you start planning how to transport him to your truck. You have several different hauling methods from which to choose, but not all are as equally easy and convenient!

Designed with ergonomics in mind. The Multus Products Deer Drag is one of a kind! With the quick attach and release, no more latching onto legs and elaborate system worries! All you need is a pair of antlers, neck or legs, and you’re dragging! This product is inexpensive, lite weight, keeping safety in mind, also offering you can buddy up and double drag option, Multus makes it easy to get out of the woods.



I also got to use the product recently while in Oklahoma with Kings Outfitters, turkey hunting my Rio Grand. You can use this product for more than one game of choice!



You can use the Multus Product on turkey, hogs, and of course deer.


My good Friend Kirby Burk & I had a killer time With Cody of King’s Outfitters. Both of us we able to harvest beautiful western Rio Grand Wild Turkeys and use the Multus Products for hauling turkey!

With a weight capacity up to 400lbs!! You can handle just about anything! Watch my buddy Fieldbilly Outdoors show you why Multus Products is an excellent tool to have!



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