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Field Dressing and processing wildgame is always a moment many sportsman take with pride. Nothing wrong there, I enjoy it myself. It makes you come full circle with the hard work you put into that harvest and game meat. On the other hand have you considered the dangers that may be lurking behind the guts and glory? Insert the


No Mess Dress Kit By OnTrack Outdoors

Veternarians at the University of Oklahoma identified 28 internal and external parasites ofrom the whitetail in their state alone! none pose direct harm to humans but other things will. Take in case Lyme Disease and Brucellosis. Most commonly seen for hog in alot for the U. S. Epizootic hemorrhagic disease, or EHD, which is a virus spread by biting midges, which are seen as  tiny flies that serve as the disease’s host.

I’d rather be safe than sorry and personally carry a womens No Mess Dress Kit The kits are inexpensive, compact and light weight. 

Not to mention it’s far easier to clean up and head home after a great day of hunting when all you have to do is pull off your elastic banded sleeves and nitrile gloves and you’re done!


Each Kit  Includes 


1 pair of elastic banded sleeves,

2 pairs of fitted nitrile gloves,

4 heavy-duty shop towels,

3 XL sanitizing alcohol wipes,

1 25′ roll of electrical tape,

1 waterproof resealable bag for disposal


  • Resealable bag and gloves are waterproof and can hold clean water.

  • Alcohol wipes & shop towels can be used for fire starters or toiletries.

  • Black tape w/ shop towels makes a great bandage in first aid situations.

Find out more information by clicking below!


No worries guys! They have a kit in your size as well!



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