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Pressure In The Pursuit- Begginers Hunting8 min read

Personal Growth

I’m not entirely sure what triggered the thoughts that produced this post. I say this because what I’m about to tell you is not a new thought or idea. This is something I’ve internally knew but I guess I never let be applied in a way that was productive to me. This post is a post of purpose. This is in part why I began this blog. This is why some people don’t blog because it mean opening yourself to people. Not just sharing your strengths but also your weakness. What’s truth isn’t always popular, but I’d rather be true to myself than ever pretend or put on for the sake of being popular. In life we all have our goals and purpose. I never started this because I thought I was “special” or because I was self centered. In reality it was the pure opposite that brought life to this website. I am like many and most women, new hunter, mother and outdoors woman. Hoping my struggles along with success help others in anyway. I’m daily just trying to make sense of life at best. So here I want to start with sharing chapter 1 of my personal growth category

This deer season being my first,  came with many obstacles, I had success and I had failures. I also had the biggest challenges coming not in the form of the weather or terrain, but instead in my own head. What happens to us more times than we think and without knowing can be things that severely impact our life. Are you wondering what this “thing” is I am speaking about? It’s right in front of you, right now, this very moment. Chances are you’re reading this post because of this “thing” I am talking about. Say hello to social media slavery . I don’t say this to have you think I am against social media, I say this to have you understand I am against how it can ruin your happiness. Social media doesn’t do this at once but more so over time. Slowly setting standards and preconceived ideas that may not be in line with what is reachable in reality.

I had a great season and was thankful for the experience gained as a whole. I also have had to deal with how I allowed myself to miss out on multiple opportunities. The larges downfall I had in my season was allowing multiple does to pass me with no shot taken. By the seasons end, I was upset with myself for these decisions. What I did was allow the opinions of people I didn’t know, never met and maybe never even talk to ultimately make decisions for me. Just because another hunter would not have taken a doe of a certain size, or a doe at all doesn’t mean I have to live by that rule. Just because a 4 point buck gets a pass if it walked in front of another hunter, doesn’t mean I have to let it walk. Now don’t be confused, I can’t and haven’t blamed anyone but myself. Reading comments by individuals on other peoples posts and pictures can be devastating. Seeing someone be torn apart because a deer they took wasn’t huge, is simply sad. It’s sad to see adults behave in a manner that might remind you of a child. This is something that will never change but what can change is how it’s allowed to effect you. Being mentally strong is by far the best weapon to carry. Remember, control is only given to others when you allow it. Being mindful of what you read, follow and allow yourself to be exposed to is critical for every persons mindset. Surrounding myself with uplifting and positive men and women who hunt has been key to my own overall happiness. Celebrate the small victories and rejoice in whatever you feel is an accomplishment in your own hunt. Take that spike, fill your freezer with multiple does if you want! Being able to make choices based on my personal perimeters is what I value most in what I walked away from learning this year.

Wrapping up this brief post I look to use my “personal growth” category to share the mental aspects that have been apart of this journey. Remembering that we are each humans, to be kind to each other and above all be mindful of how you may be giving control of your choices to people who don’t deserve this power. Hunt for what makes you happy and let anything else fall between the cracks.

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