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By Bianca

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– Laura- Reel Camo Girl Founder


First and for most…I admit.. have been a fan of Reel Camo Girl all the way back to that hog hunt I spoke about in a previous post. What made me a fan? The amazing display of the women and their hunting stories I got to read from their Instagram. One after another it was extraordinary recants of hard work and dedication in the field from women all over, in one place for me to read 🙂

So, what is Reel Camo Girl and why do I love them? The better way to ask is what are they not? seriously this group and website has IT ALL! From how to, conservation, wild game recipes, hand crafted projects, videos, blog post from various amazing female hunters and more!! When I speak about the aspects of what made me, Reel Camo Girl is on the top of the list of what was set in my mind as a path to work towards. They have been nothing short of inspiration to my personal growth as a hunter. Reel Camo Girl  is crediting in my heart by making me feel strong and able as a woman who hunts. When I finally had my very first successful harvest, I almost had a stroke when they kindly featured that hunt on their account. I was literally floored! I remember calling my fiancé and screaming to him about the story being on Instagram. Why did I freak out so bad? It’s simple, I at that point did not feel worthy or equal to the extraordinary women I’d been in awe of for months! That’s where I was wrong and so is any other woman reading this as a beginner! In the community of women who hunt, we don’t care if it’s your first or your 50th harvest! Reel Camo Girl showed me that day what I had been missing and cutting myself short by.

It’s the passion, it’s the dedication, it’s the unmistakable glittering joy that can been read in how we tell a story, heard in the words that light up a room as our happiness becomes verbalized recanting a harvest or those hours just watching or scouting. Reel camo Girl did more for me than they will ever know by a simple extension of acceptance that being a beginner was nothing to be ashamed of! Be sure to join the Reel Camo Girl community and find inspiration and encouragement!

Today I am a VERY PROUD Reel Camo Girl Brand Champion. There is no difference in the beginner and the seasoned hunter, we all have the same heart and that’s what matters! As the site says!



Learn More About Reel Camo Girl by clicking Below!

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