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Scent Ballz6 min read


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Scent Ballz! What’s that? How do they work? Well….do they work?

So let’s start off by saying…WOW!! I cracked  open the Can O Corn and thought it was Thanksgiving!! Y’all the scent from gel-like scent polymers is insane!!! 

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Scent Ballz is similar in appearance to Orbeez, but not made for your feet or kids play! The scents come in various options and unlike deer scent lure, they last longer which is a great way to add to your methods of bringing in the deer! I had some hanging outside my home for a test run of sorts and could distinguish the scent 7 days out.  The Scent Ballz can be dropped along the ground just like that! OR you can insert them into the dripper and hang them from a hunting blind, tree branch etc. This product has my head spinning for various reasons. For one, we all love when the Rut hits and lean for the various lures in fresh urine here. What if your state is set in not allowing this type of lure! Insert Scent Ballz!  Keep in mind you need to stay up on your individual state laws in regards to lures and attractants. I know some states do not allow deer urine to be used and while some do. I absolutely love the concept behind this product and the power packed scent behind each option is more than enough to travel through the woods a catch a deer by the nose!


I for one love to give apples to deers while I’m watching cams and planning. This can be expensive to say the least! Scent Ballz has a soloution when they dropped the apple scent infront of my eyes and did not disappoint by providing an intense and natural scent!

Once again, I am in no way a professional, just a woman who loves to hunt. I look to find products that make me efficient without a gimmick. You can catch my VERY impromptu video review done right in my cozy office , You can view it here or on YouTube and check back for new updates as I get established on the new northern state lease. The year is young so stay tuned!!


  • https://www.facebook.com/herhumblehunt/
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