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Sereena Thompson9 min read


Here is a lady that I found to be a beautiful and passionate woman in all she does. Sereena is a woman you can’t miss in the outdoors lifestyle. Sereena continues to pass on knowledge, support other women, and displays a positive attitude. These are a few things that make Sereena extraordinary in all she does and who she is as a wife, mother and hunter. Here is her hunt history, I hope you enjoy!

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With a love for living this lifestyle and sharing her passion for hunting and the outdoors, Sereena is honored to be a part of the Ladies Hunting Campas well as many top outdoor companies and organizations.  She is also the Co-founder of Nature’s Paint, an easy on easy off all natural camo face paint.She is a NRA Certified Rifle Instructor and USA Archery Level 2 Instructor.   As a huntress she is dedicated to uplifting, empowering and helping other ladies and kids get into hunting and the outdoors.  “Individually we are weak, but together we are strong.”

Growing up on a ranch in Southern Oregon Sereena has always been an outdoorswoman. She grew up hunting with her mom and dad even before she could legally hunt herself. She vividly remembers riding around in their single cab gold Chevy pickup looking for bucks and enjoying life. Sereena knew from the very beginning that she would hunt for the rest of her life.

Sereena currently resides in Central Oregon with her husband, also an avid outdoorsman and their two kids. Their days off and vacations are spent hunting, prepping to hunt and enjoying the great outdoors. She enjoys showing their 4-year-old daughter and 5-year-old son the hunting way. She enjoys to hunt elk, mule deer, Northern California blacktail, waterfowl, upland birds and predators.

As a hunter Sereena is an avid advocate for conservation and defending our 2nd amendment rights.

  • https://www.facebook.com/herhumblehunt/
  • http://www.pinterest.com/herhumblehunt

  1. At what age did you first start hunting?

Growing up on a ranch in Southern Oregon I have always been an outdoorswoman. I started going on hunting trips with my parents when I was just nine months old. When I was old enough to hold a gun I started shooting for fun and hunting sage rats with my mom and dad. I began big game hunting when I was 12. I can vividly remember riding around in our single cab gold Chevy pickup looking for bucks and enjoying life. I knew from the very beginning that I would be a hunter for the rest of my life.

  1. Why do you hunt?

Why I hunt is a deeply layered and complex explanation and in most cases hard to put into words.  I hunt to provide healthy, organic food for my family.  Growing up my mom was very sick and suffered from multiple bouts of leukemia.  When her cancer came back for the third time she refused chemo and other drugs that would for sure kill her faster than the cancer.  Instead she resorted to a clean lifestyle free of chemicals and preservatives and full of whole foods and wild game meat…long story short her cancer went into remission.

Secondly, I have a huge respect and passion for animals and their habitat.  There’s nothing more majestic than seeing a bugling bull up close and personal.  As a hunter I have just as much love for an animal than any anti-hunter, I just choose to love them in multiple ways.

Spending time out in the great outdoors with my family hunting is also a favorite for me.  There’s just something about the quiet serene atmosphere, camp fires and no technology that fuels my passion and feeds my soul.

  1. What’s your favorite hunting memory?

Some of my favorite hunting memories come from my California blacktail hunts. Every year my husband, our five year old son and four year old daughter and I take a week long vacation in Northern California at my grandparents ranch that sits in the mountains just off the Northern California coast. The rolling hills covered in yellow grass from the late Summer’s heat seem to go on forever.  The steep, oak covered gulches make for great blacktail habitat.  It’s the perfect combination of hunting and family time.  Here in Oregon we do a lot of backcountry hunting for elk and I absolutely love it, but while the kids are too small to go and hike that hard with us.  So hunting California is awesome because the kids can go J  Passing on the hunting heritage is important to me because our kids are the future!

  1. What would be your best advice to give to anyone new wanting to hunt?

“It’s the most amazing, rewarding and hard experience all wrapped into one, with a wide range of emotions.  But it’s so worth it!”

  1. What would you name as your dream hunt and why?

For me any hunt I am able to be a part of is a dream hunt.  But if I had choose one hunt it would be a Whitetail hunt.  I’ve never hunted Whitetail before.  Fingers crossed I draw my Iowa tag this season.



  • https://www.facebook.com/herhumblehunt/
  • http://www.pinterest.com/herhumblehunt

  • https://www.facebook.com/herhumblehunt/
  • http://www.pinterest.com/herhumblehunt



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