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Since I was a little girl the outdoors has been a big part of my life. My dad got me started in archery at the young age of 3 when we opened our family archery shop. The shop opened in 1996 and is still around to this day. Growing up in the archery shop and hearing all the stories from successful hunters started my passion and drive for hunting that I still have today.


When I harvested my first deer I can still remember the rush of the hunt, and the mixture of emotions I felt after harvesting the beautiful animal I had in front of me. Being able to provide meat for my family is one of the best feelings and the respect and thankfulness for the animal is so important in any hunt. I have learned so much in my years of hunting; this sport has helped me grow as a person and has taught me patience and to never give up on something you’re passionate about no matter what is thrown your way. I always look forward to hunting trips and to see all the beautiful animals and things nature has to offer.


I want to share the sport of archery/hunting with people everywhere, I want to show people who may be new to the sport and are not sure if they can do it that they are capable of doing it, I want people to fall in love with the sport as much as I have and show them all the amazing things and memories hunting comes with.

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At what age did you first start hunting?

Legal hunting age for my state is age 12 which is when I started hunting

Why do you hunt?
I hunt because it is something I am passionate about and it is a way I can provide food for my family
 What’s your favorite hunting memory?
 My first Antelope harvest with a bow, this hunt was so fun. I learned so much from it and took away much more than an antelope on that hunt, a memory I will remember forever.
What would be your best advice to give to anyone new wanting to hunt?
Never give up, and knowing your equipment and practicing before the big hunt arrives is important. There is always a fellow hunter willing to help with any questions you may have about hunting or your equipment.
What would you name as your dream hunt and why?
My dream hunt would be to go to New Zealand for Red Stag These animals are beautiful and it would be a challenge. It is something I have wanted to do for a long time.

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