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Stories From A Tree Stand-Think Fast8 min read

by | Jun 8, 2018

tree stand
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Not all photos turn out in a crisp manner. However that doesn’t always steal their meaning. Here is  a low quality photo but top quality memory.


When asked at times what makes me like to hunt as I do, I’v had many answers. Yet find one of the best responses to be simple It’s not a question of why do I like t hunt but a question of why in my mind. I simply respond by saying, it can’t be understood in the form of words, it has to be experienced. Hunting keeps me up at night, it wakes me up in the morning. Hunting makes me forget I can’t feel my toes and my blistered heels sting in pain when I walk. Hunting makes me skip the beach or a day at the spa, I’d rather be in a tree stand. Life is meant to be “experienced” after all, not explained.


Deer Camp Alabama/ December/ 15 Degrees/ Approximately 1:00a.m


Like anything new to someone, I had to learn a lot and yet it’s just a drop of rain in an ocean of knowledge. I remember when I was horiffically  sending out the distress calls with a doe can, not choosing my climbing tree in the daylight and walking into a stand upwind. I experienced alot of fails and a few successes, but that’s the beauty in it.

I can be laugh about this night now, but this was no time to be funny during this photo. I had planned and plotted myself right out of the warmth of the hauler. Just 5 feet in front of me was a warm space, queen sized pillow top bed, flat screen, satellite and wifi, house shoes and comfort. Yet I could not remain locked up in that space. With the previous 2 days behind me, and 4 hunts down, I had one day left to make it happen before leaving to go home for a week. I knew my stand choice for first light but persuaded myself I needed to move for the evening. I planned to leave my climber on the a.m tree of choice over the week. So here I am deciding, I need to strap this stand up NOW, yes, now, at 2:00 a.m whatever time it is. So it would be there and settled for the evening. I cared not that we had a couple others in camp this week, not because I’m rude, but because I didn’t focus past the hunting. So I assembled the stand and cranked up the Razor , of course it’s loud, and I strapped this 15’ ladder stand to the top pf the RZR and took off down the back trails to my location destination. Waking up anyone in camp that night I’m sure. I apologized of course.

With the night being clear and the moon high thankfully, my fiancé and I unstrapped the stand and put it up . It was not the hardest, but not the easiest. Now I’m sure you’re shaking your head at this point. I have made a few errors already in this process, errors I learned from . Are you asking why my fiancé let me make them? If so, I can answer that question. As a strong natured and bull headed woman, I can’t be reasoned with at times if I have rationalized that my idea is sound. I won’t retain unless I learn in a way that has to prove to me something words could not. With strength comes weakness and I am not ashamed to come back and admit I was mistaken. Sad part is that it’s generally after I had to struggle for no reason. Life at it’s finest as a woman!

climbing tree stand
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Every hunt, brought me more confidence, slowly I began to climb a little higher.

So here I am, in my natural state I guess. Here I am as me, a normal, everyday person, in the woods trying to succeed. Social media can be a blessing and a curse. If not cautious, a person can allow skewed representation to cause their self image and esteem to be beaten down. Forgetting that an image is but a moment, not always considering the full story before and after that phot with a massive monster buck. Images others share may not dipict that the bear they brought home took 12 days to obtain. We may not be shown the entirety of what made someone else hunt successful , be that intentional or not. Its well known that things are not always as they appear. We can’t change how others display and present themselves, but we can control how it’s allowed to effect us. You may have seen my awesome tree top climbing stand photos, but did you see the ones from October? Where I was scared to go past 10’? You may see me speak about pitch black mornings walking in the red light to beat first lite, but did you know I was afraid of the dark just 8 months prior? I could have shown this photo and talked only about how awesome I was and how great I hunt and thrown in some basic blah sentences we see over and over glorifying hunting. Instead I wanted to share how I and the same as anyone else, we all are! We’ve all started somewhere. We are all capable of great things, and accomplishing impressive goals. So remember to THINK FAST  the next time you may be looking at a photo and finding a thought coming in the realm of doubt or feeling inferior by that image, that person or what they accomplished. Be joyful in the success of those you admire or respect, but never let the image of another make you downplay your own capabilities. We can’t swim if we put on cement boot. Live more and scroll less, enjoying what you have in life one day at a time.


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