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The ability to connect with people from near and far is a reason I love the community of hunters. However, being able to meet those who share residency in my home state is always a treat! Last year I had to opportunity to meet Bryant land. Recently we had an opportunity to chat more about a few unique things regarding us both and our passion in the outdoors lifestlye.  You can listen to our recent conversation during my guest episode on the Bryant Land Country Podcast by Clicking the link below.


To all my newbies in the hunting world, we’ve got a special episode for you. And to my experienced hunters there’s a few nuggets of inspiration for you as well.
Bianca Jane was the first in her family to hunt. She had a hard time finding the information she needed to learn the ins and outs of hunting. She stumbled a lot along the way learning as she could.
She was determined to learn everything she needed to know therefore, she sacrificed time and money to hone in on her skills. Her goal wasn’t to make a name for herself in the hunting world although that’s what happened with her site Her Humble Hunt.
Now, she’s dedicating her time and her resources to share her passion for hunting with women, encouraging them to get out there to hunt.
Did you know she tried to fish with bow? I tell ya, nothing but surprises with this one.
So tune in, get inspired and let’s have some fun.

Bryant Land

Outdoors Content Creator/ Brand Merchandise , Bryant Land Country Podcast

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Brandon The Host of Wilderness Attitude . I was a past guest on the podcast and happy to meet him in person.

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  • http://www.pinterest.com/herhumblehunt

Good Friend & Past Hunting Buddy Kirby Burk

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