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Personal Growth

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“You want to go hunt?”

I remember being asked this question when I decided I wanted to step into the woods for a new reason for the first time in my life. Like anything else in life, every hunter is different and have various goals. Different levels of hunting vary also, much relating to location, the weapon of choice, experience, dedication, opportunity, time and more. So here I was with minimal knowledge about hunting but a heart on fire and curiosity like a child who just learned to walk.

Thankfully the road ahead of me would be met with familiarity for me. From the mountain to the valley, my life has always been nothing short of personally accpeted challanges. I have always welcomed a challenge, living for the for the feeling of the pushing myself for more to see how far I can go. Now don’t be confused, I do not view this as competing with others. It’s far worse I compete with myself than it has ever been to compare with another. I have always been physically active, from the babsketball court since the age I could play, to middle school and adding in track and field, then high scool where I picked up voleyball. Somehow balancing three sports along with braggable grades made me incapable of being anything but my best in life. From there I continued into college and played on the next level, but those days are gone and I cherish each memory.  In adulthood we have to find our new passion, our new love and something to work for. This past, these activities are what made me what I am that is for sure. Throughout my life I have been apart of amazing accomplishments with various teammates and as well as personal records. From region and area champions, state qualifying track events and school records. It’s easy to see why I am this person today. Being a person who only knew the proof of hardwork could not be faked.

  • https://www.facebook.com/herhumblehunt/
  • http://www.pinterest.com/herhumblehunt

The truth that was shown by the wins, the wins that could only be produced from extreme dedication, training, physical and mental conditioning and the irrefutable display of precise skill.  It is all I have ever known in life, the only thing you have to strive for is surpassing what you did yesterday. This mindset is very evident in my dedication to my hunting devotion.  Which also correlates to why I strive to be humble in life. No matter where you are in life any moment could change your status and if you don’t have the right attitude, you may find yourself in a difficult situation.

We can’t ever think that years back in our life did not mold the current person we are. From the way I talk,how I’ll hug a stranger, to how I love people I may have just met.For the most part, I was in the woods alone and unattended far earlier than most children today. I remember always having dirty feet because I hated shoes, but loved the feeling of the cold ground on my feet. Growing up I didn’t watch TV often so I was hunting barn mice and fishing out of ditches for fun. No matter what time of year it was, the weather never bothered me much. My father was a construction company owner, so he took me along most summers. I loved work days in the summer with my dad.  Going with him meant a brand new area of woods to explore and plenty of scrap wood to build random things with. Here I was, the perfect example of a “tomboy” and it could still be said of me today.

I always envied people who would hunt throughout my life but unfortunately had no one take me or teach me. The good news is, that has now changed and you can believe it has had comical moments along the way. I have learned more than I could have ever imagined in one year, not just about hunting but also about people who hunt as well as the “hunting industry”. One thing is for sure, we are all different and that’s ok! How we hunt, what we choose to share and more varies. I chose early on to share my life as a journey or story, more so than just a picture. I wanted to make it more personal and connected with others. Sometimes I feel like people get so caught in tunnel vision,  they miss the full picture of life. For me, some of the funnier times and happy days come from my relationships with other people.

It’s so many aspects that make “hunting” a lifestyle and not a hobby. From the moments the first cold wind hits my face, darkness tells me its time to leave the woods, the smell of a warm camp fire and more. My hunt is mine and will remain as such until the day I die. My heart is humble though my mind is strong. Scroll less and live more! That’s the way of life, but I’m happy to share as able along the way.


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