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I feel like Cher and I have been friends for life! This lady is one sweetheart with an extreme passion. I have never seen someone on the water so much. Checkout our little question and answer session as I got to know the extraordinary lady a little better.

When did you start fishing?

My love for fishing started over 15 years ago, when I started dating my my now husband. He’s a avid fisherman and I quickly realized if I wanted to spend time with my guy, I had out to join him on his fishing adventures.

Do you have a favorite fish?

My absolute favorite fish to catch all year long is Chinook salmon out on the big waters of Lake Ontario

We have to hear your favorite fishing memory?

Picking just one fishing memory is like picking a favorite star out of the heavens. But day that shines bright in my mind, is one from a few years back. It was the first day of a several week salmon derby for my husband Cam and I, we had left port before sunrise and most of our buddies. A short boat ride out and we stopped to check out our fishing electronics and it indicated good fish activity, so we setup our down-rigging fishing gear and started fishing…..

Now with the sun rising, our friends boating past us and our gear still deploying, one dipsy rod got hit and started screaming line, a sure sign of big salmon. Cam was first to the rod but he kindly passed it to me to reel in, when just then, the other dipsy rod got hit and started screaming • double header on mature King salmon • after a 10-15 min battle, I had reeled in my fish to the point of being netted when Cam then put his rod in a holder and netted my fish…

I grabbed the remaining rod and reeled the fish into the net where now we had both fish, boated and weighed was a 29+lber and 31+lber. We fish and caught more throughout that days trip, all the while sharing the details of our success with our friends on the water. At the end of our day, after lines were pulled and baits put away, there was a marine radio check in (I never forget this) where we were praised and acknowledged by our peers, it was a humbling and encouraging experience…..

We entered the fish into the derby, where it made first place, but throughout the week it dropped down and out off the leaderboard. One of these days we’ll get a derby fish that sticks ? in the meantime we’ll keep fishing and having fun

  • https://www.facebook.com/herhumblehunt/
  • http://www.pinterest.com/herhumblehunt
  • https://www.facebook.com/herhumblehunt/
  • http://www.pinterest.com/herhumblehunt

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