The Season Of The Deer – Winter is coming

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Here we are, it’s the time of year we all have been waiting for. With the countdown complete for bowhunters across the country, rifle hunters gearing up, deer season means a lot to more people than just the hunters.

I remember my mother telling me she wanted to learn how to deer hunt, I was shocked, but soon laughed just a little at her reason. In the mind of my mother, deer hunting would be the only way she thought to be capable of seeing or speaking to her daughter this fall. Various friends of mine, rushing to make sure we have lunch dates and making comments that show awareness of the coming months in their own life.  It’s no secret to the ones involved in the lives of people who hunt, deer season will reign supreme.

For most who hunt, there is just no other option but to put life on hold and hunt when the leaves begin to change. Sick days get saved at work, vacation weeks burned to the rut. There is no limit for some in the pursuit of wild game. I was fortunate but aware. With over 6 months taken off from my current company, the very week I was due back finally, I received the email of my dreams. With my job on the line, Canada was calling, the desire to hunt outweighed everything.I emailed my company, I told them why I would not be able to start back yet, expecting to be let go after being so understanding to my absent , which was already at fault to my hunting the deer and turkey season. I told them this was my dream hunt, a top 5 harvest. While another position could be found, I made sure to inform them that I did in fact love being a nurse for them, but I could not turn down this opportunity.  With much relief they fully supported my passion and wished me luck, safe travels and sincerely meant it! I was prepared to open that email response and find a separation notice. I would have completely understood and accepted this. I was wiling to give whatever I had to in order to see my dreams play-out in reality. I believe this truly set the tone to many that hunting is life . There are those who love to hunt, then those who live to hunt. Either way, deer season is vital in our lives.

The quiet voice through summer and spring now screaming so loud it drowns out the very need to sleep sometimes even eat. The woods whisper even in my dreams, the thoughts of being there consume the mind, autopilot turned on.  Even at camp, there may be no rest, using hours to move and make new plans.

Exhaustion has no place in here, in the weeks allotted to hunt each year, time passes quickly, gone like a lost memory.  It is undeniable, indescribable the way a person becomes a stranger to family and friends during the months they dwell on their quest to harvest. We live in a society where food can be found anywhere in most places, without any labor to  acquire. Yet when the deer season comes, I hunt like I’m hungry, starving, as if my very life depends on it. This  I feel is in part a piece of human history that many have sedated and locked behind the doors now guarded by convinces.

I make no apologies for the gatherings missed, phone calls unanswered , or pile of house work left undone at home. Who would I apologize to? Winter os coming, the rut will soon set in, the last round fought and spring will return. I would rather spend spring and summer making up for lost time with others, than regret  losing the opportunity to feed my craving to chase. There are far worse things one can be addicted to in life than hunting. It did not take long for those in my life to realize hunting was not a hobby, nor was hunting a phase. With rifle season opening this coming week, already time is slipping away in the 2018 season.

If you’re reading this as a hunter, I hope the best for you this season. I hope you prioritize your time for you first. Remembering that any empty freezer due to lack of time spent in the woods cuts deeper than one due to mother nature winning. If you do not hunt, but have a hunter in your life, I hope you love them enough to be understanding, I hope you know there is nothing personal to the absence brought on by deer season. If absence is too hard to bear , consider picking up arms and joining your loved one in the woods, you never know what you may find there for yourself .




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