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What To Say As A Hunter To Anti-Hunters8 min read


In one form or another, I believe every hunter has been faced with aggression from anti-hunters, vegans or whatever else they are called these days. I spoke with Don from Rocky Mountain Readiness not too long ago and I remember him asking me what my response was when I was addressed by these individuals. It’s easy to want to jump to return anger and hate but honestly my response has been and will continue to be rooted in facts and numbers, not opinions. From there if ignorance prevails, it’s just that, ignorance. My choice to seek meat in the wild, not in a store as much as possible is my legal right, my God given ability to be a provider. It’s easy to recall to those who have followed me one particular individual I high at the highest of standards as a role model and respected hunter, this being Steven Rhinella, the host and television personality of the t.v show Meat Eater. Catch his personal response to a none hunter.  I have no ties to Steven, I could only wish! But the overall basis of his life style , beliefs and practices as a hunter makes him someone I hold as perfection in the hunting community for more reasons than one.

Watch his clip below when he was face to face with attack from a someone who did not agree with his lifestyle.

So here are a few things to combat the hate when faced by those who do not approve of your life and ways as a hunter. Remember to remain diligent to your beliefs without displaying anger. With anger comes the loss of legitimacy and respect. We each speak for our community as a whole each time we speak as an individual.

  1. When summed together the approximately amount of fund raised by hunters through taxes, licensing, and other various fees comes to around $1.6 Billion annually, which is turned to fund conservation programs and more. Ask a none hunter to name another group who surpasses hunters in funding out wildlife conservation.

  1. Hunting supports approximately 680,000 jobs; from biologist to motel clerks, game wardens and rangers are not the only ones getting jobs thanks to the hunting community.

3.Taxes on ammo, bows and arrows and guns at 11% generate $371 million a year also used to fund conservation efforts.

  1. Overpopulated animals wreak havoc on the ecosystem destroying forest and diversity of tree species. The deer consumption of particular trees causes the spread of ferns, which block sunlight to other plants and hinder growth in forest. Effecting waterways and land. Over population threatens the entire ecosystem make-up.

5.Wandering animals are dangerous to the road ways. More than a million animals are killed on highways according to One Animal Family. Causing property and damage and human injury.

The list goes on in options of responses to none hunters.  Though the basis remains the same. We as hunters do not require the approval of another human in regards to our choice in where and how we acquire our food. Simply saying ” I am and a hunter and I will not apologize” really short sells the concept and shows lack of care over all. A key idea to remember when faced with protest is this may be the only opportunity to shed light on fact-based information to someone who may simply be misinformed. It has not been known to see anti-hunters have a flip in option towards hunters when given correct information. We as hunters can’t expect every anti-hunter to change their mind, but we can be a voice of reason that may be the seed to change in the future for that individual. Stay vigilant, stay bold and stay under control.  Remembering to approach each situation with the memory that each of us individually speak for the community of hunters as a whole each time we respond in defense to our right as hunters.

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