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Wildlife Women6 min read


I am beyond thrilled to be a member of the Wildlife WomenA nonprofit womens group centered around inspiration, encouragment and education for outdoors women!

Founded by a woman without a hunting upbringing, you can image how amazing this group is to many women facing similar situations! It’s easy to have a natural fear of firearms if you are not brought up around them. The group helps women become capable and educated in choosing the correct equipment. I have had the privilege to speak with some of the ladies that make up the base of the foundation and they are hands down so welcoming and truly stead minded in the growth of females in the outdoors. Being able to not only handle your weapon of choice while hunting but also the aspects of harvesting and preparing your wild game is something to be excited about! If you’re like me and thirsty for knowledge, looking to incase yourself in the presence of women who will help you continue your quest as an able hunter, take a moment and consider becoming a member of the Wildlife Women!

Finding a strong foundation in other women who can be mentors and teachers is the best way to find success in the woods! I hope we as women continue to build connections and find our own ways of being a part of a future where the community of women who hunt, do so together <3


Learn more about the organization by clicking below!


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