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Deer Season Dress Code

Hunting is one of the most enjoyable ways that you can spend an afternoon with your child, but it can also be dangerous. I write this as not only a woman who hunts with children eager to join, but also as a pediatric nurse with experience and understand of the difference in an adult and a child’s body and how it regulates. It’s overlooked at times that the cold can be a silent enemy to our young children. Hunting in the cold is not the same as hiking or playing outside in the cold. From extended hours far surpassing a football game, to the lack of body movement, the cold experienced while hunting is without a doubt a different cold than other situations previously encountered. Before you go on a hunting adventure with your child, it is very important that the two of you plan your wardrobe to ensure that you wear the right clothes on your trip. What brand you wear should be the brand your child wears if available. Often and unintentionally skimping on youth gear quality can occur. Whether you choose to hunt for a day or for a week, make sure that you include plenty of weather-appropriate gear to ensure that you stay safe and warm the entire trip.

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While you likely understand that you can get cold if you don’t wear enough clothing, it’s important to realize that children are much smaller than the average adult. Even preteens can still be quite small, so it is vital that you assess your child’s age and size in order to determine exactly how much clothing he should wear. Remember that if you feel chilly, chances are that your child feels even more cold.

Teach your child to wear the warmest possible socks, proper boots, and long underwear before you go out on your hunt. If his clothing still doesn’t seem to be enough to keep him warm, consider layering an extra pair of socks on your child or having him wear multiple sets of long underwear. Keep in mind that your child might feel too hot when you’re walking to the deer stand, but once you’ve been sitting in the cold for a few hours, he may begin to feel chilly again. This is why layering is even more important.

If you plan to hunt on an overnight trip, consider packing several pairs of clothes. While you certainly don’t want to pack bags and bags of clothing, remember that sweat can freeze at low temperatures. When you’re walking around during the day, you may not notice that your body is sweating. Unfortunately, when the temperature drops at night, you may become very cold if you are still wearing clothing that contains sweat. If you plan to camp for the week, consider keeping extra clothing at your campsite or in your car where you can easily access it.

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It’s also a good idea to check weather maps and forecasts before you embark on your trip. What does the weather look like? If it’s going to rain with ANY chance and percentage, always pack several extra ponchos to keep you warm and dry. Remembering that proper dry time may not be available if you were to only carry one poncho or rain suit. Also, if you should accidentally rip or tear one of your ponchos, you’ll have extras on hand. An alternative to ponchos would be to invest in some heavy rain gear that will keep you even warmer. Look for a future post for more details on my personal experiences will solo hunting and using a climbing stand and how to dress for the occasion during all parts of the season. It was my luck being my first season that the state of Alabama saw 9-degree temperatures, the first snow actually took hold while I was in my tree stand. It was beautiful but it was so extremely cold for our usual time of year. This past season had lessons I learned the hard way in regards to layering and how to, maybe you won’t have to take the rough road after that read.

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